Dirtball Deluxe Christmas Letter to Fans

Dear Friends and Family,

We’re writing a Christmas letter! What the hell why not? I mean, we have recipes on our band website. A Christmas letter isn’t that out of the ordinary.

We’ve had quite an eventful 2013, it started off with a flurry of gigs at some of our favorite clubs, a few shows over the summer, plenty of rehearsals, and a ton of fun.

Brian and Matt played an acoustic set at Moondance Jammin Country, which turned out to be a great time. Got to see bands like Montgomery Gentry, Lee Brice, and Jake Owen. It was a complete riot, and we hope to be back there this summer again! If you’re interested in coming up there with us be sure to see us for tickets.

We released a 4 song EP titled “Miles Down the Highway”, it was done a bit unorthodox, being it’s all original music, and all unplugged. No Electric Guitars were harmed during the recording of that EP. After that was completed, we continued to write, and got a pile of songs together, and began tracking our next album.

The album is almost done being tracked, and should be released in March. This will be a double album titled “Further Down the Highway”. 18 great songs, all written by us, all telling great stories.

We’ve got plenty of shows booked through April, then we’ll lay back and go enjoy everything about Summer time with our friends and families.

Thanks for sticking around with us, coming to shows, rehearsals, events, and just being with us on this journey.

God Speed, God Bless, and God Damnit, lets have a kick ass 2014.

Dirtball Deluxe.

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