Dirtball Deluxe Announces Upcoming Album Details

For Immediate Release:
The anticipated 2nd release from Dirtball Deluxe is expected to be available in the spring of 2014. After completing their acoustic unplugged EP “Miles Down the Highway”, Brian and Matt immediately began working on the followup album. They quickly discovered they had more than enough quality material to fill a record, and it was decided that their full band plugged in debut album, wouldn’t be just a full length album, but a ‘double album’.

Further Down the Highway will feature 20 songs. Some of them reworked versions from the unplugged EP, others songs that didn’t make the cut to get on the EP, and the rest all completely original works specifically for this album. The track listing is as follows:

Volume 1
1. Watch ‘Em Walk
2. Only You
3. Drivin’ Me
4. Hey Baby
5. Duane
6. I Got Mine
7. Another Shot
8. Love Song
9. Whiskey Ain’t Enough
10. Kick It In the Country

Volume 2
1. Crank It Up
2. Miles Go By
3. Long Walk Home
4. Forgiven
5. Home
6. These Chains
7. So Tired
8. Wrong

Dirtball Deluxe will make a few songs available for streaming prior to the release of the double album.

More details will follow soon, with release dates, CD release event info, and pre-order information. For a full list of shows click on here.

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